Le Marche, Italy: Undiscovered Beauty

Our founder, Ontario Sarracini, was born in Porto San Giorgio in Le Marche, on Italy’s east coast.  Discover what is considered to be Italy’s most up and coming gastronomic region. A destination with beautiful landscapes home to phenomenal restaurants and high quality artisanal produce such as Verdicchio wine.


Day 1:

Arrive in Ancona: you will head immediately to your hotel in the Village of Monterado, a castle in the hillside.
Lunch: you will head to the town of Senigallia where you will be having a tremendous meal in a 2 Michelin star restaurant famous all over Italy for its classical fish based dishes.
Afternoon: you will head south towards the Jesi area and visit a premium producer and get a taste of Verdicchio, a fantastic white wine that is increasingly gaining consideration in the world of fine wines.
Dinner: you will head back to Senigallia to have dinner in the other 2 Michelin star restaurant. A completely different experience where the chef will take you through a culinary journey all over the world.

Day 2:

Morning: you will visit the stunning ancient village of Mondavio and have a tour of its beautiful castle.
Lunch: you will have lunch in a small family run trattoria to get an authentic taste of local rustic cuisine.
Afternoon: you will visit a gorgeous private estate and will sample their great wines and olive oils. You will then head to your hotel where you will be spending the next three nights. A charming property run by a Michelin star chef.
Dinner: you will immediately sample his cuisine, a very classical approach using the finest local ingredients.

Day 3:

Morning: the chef will be waiting for you in his kitchen to give you a first introduction to the local culinary traditions. You will then head to his farm and learn about local species.
Lunch: you will eat together with the chef the dishes you have cooked together. Afternoon: a unique experience, you will go truffle hunting! A team of Tartufai will take you to the woods to find this precious jewel! You will then head back to the lab and have a tasting of all their delicious truffle based products.
Dinner: you will head back to the hotel where chef will surprise you with a “themed” menu.

Day 4:

Morning: depending on your interests, several activities can be arranged. You can either play in one of the neighbouring golf courses, go hunting or visit a stunning natural reserve.
Lunch: you will head to a local trattoria where you will have the chance to have truffle inspired menu. Not to be missed!
Afternoon: after lunch you will be visiting some of the region’s finest artisans. Either an unbelievable fresh pasta maker, a tailor specialized in high quality personalized golf shoes or an armament manufacturer famous all over the world.
Dinner: you will be having dinner in a charming local trattoria known for its meat and pasta dishes.

Day 5:

Morning: you will head towards Bologna airport for your flight back.
Lunch: on your way, you will stop by for lunch in what is considered one of Italy’s most up and coming chef. A great opportunity to taste the cuisine of a great chef in the making!


This itinerary is a suggested route and experience and will be completely customized to your tastes.


You will arrive in Ancona airport and head north to the medieval village of Monterado where you will be staying in a wonderful castle for the night.  You will kick off your day experiencing Senigallia unique gastronomic offer: 2 Michelin star restaurants in the same village with a completely different approach.

For the next 3 nights, you will be heading further north to a charming hotel famous for being a gastronomic temple: a place where to indulge in refined and rustic local cuisine. In these days you will learn everything about local products thanks to the support of a well respected Michelin star chef.

You will also get a change of enjoying one of the many entertaining experiences in the area such as hunting, golf and truffle hunting!

Le Marche is also famous for its artisanal heritage. You will get the chance to try world class wines and visit small boutiques famous all over the world for the production of unique and personalized objects.

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