Argentina for Foodies

8 Nights & 9 Days

Buenos Aires • El Calafate & Iguazu Falls

Argentina is a destination rich in contrasts: its landscapes, weather and culture vary from the special charm of the North with its legacy of Pre-Columbian and Colonial traditions, the abundance of wildlife, flora and water at the Iguazú Falls and Jungle in the Northeast, to the vastness, isolation and breathtaking views of the Glaciers and marine life of Patagonia. The wine and sunshine in the Cuyo region and the brightness and exuberance of tango in Buenos Aires, most vibrant city in South America, and The Pampas, one of the richest natural regions of the continent and home to the “gaucho”, complete the wonders of this land of contrasts!



Welcome to Bueones Aires! After a meet and greet at the airport with your driver, you will be transferred to your hotel.

In the evening, enjoy a home-style hosted dinner. Argentinians are well known for being friendly and outgoing. Opening the door of their homes to become hosts of dinners and gatherings is part of their DNA. The Asado ceremony itself is the perfect proof of the role of gastronomy in social relationships for our culture. Be invited to a closed-door, but open heart dinner, in a real house of local people who will receive you as their own guests for the evening. The night begins with drinks and picada, as locals do when they gather, indulge in some of the typical homemade dishes that are part of the Argentinian cuisine, taste Malbec wine and relax with the after-dinner conversation. A memorable and truly uncanned experience getting to know Argentina through the locals.

Overnight at Madero Hotel (5-stars)


After breakfast, discover the charm of Argentina’s capital, from the chic districts of Recoleta and Palermo to the city’s downtown, the historic Plaza de Mayo, and architectural icons such as the Colon Theatre (praised as one of the world’s five finest opera houses), the Metropolitan Cathedral and the palace of Congress. San Telmo, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires, home of the city’s aristocracy until the late 19th century, and visits Caminito street, in La Boca, the colorful shelter for Italian immigrants by the Riachuelo, and the young thriving restaurant scene at the Puerto Madero waterfront.

Afterwards, become a parrillas expert in San Telmo! The heart of Argentina’s cuisine is the meat, the authentic flavour of Buenos Aires is waiting for you in the parrillas. Visit the picturesque quarter of San Telmo and tour around the most traditional and local parrillas restaurant, trying the typical “choripan” and “empanada”, and the rest of the excellent cuts that have made our asado world famous. After tasting every parrillas you’ll have reach an asado expert status. Argentinians are also sweets enthusiastic, real experts must close the perfect meal enjoying the best artisanal ice cream.

In the evening, we invite you to a premium wine tasting to travel through the wine to the producing provinces of the Great Malbec. Enjoy a full premium wine tasting, and discover the great story and significance of the wine in our country, through our flagship varietal. Learn about its production, its development, its evolution and its global recognition. Recognize every terroir, every soil, climate, and culture of the different wine regions of our country in each glass to taste.

Overnight at Madero Hotel (5-stars)


Today explore the Parana Delta in Tigre and enjoy a full day in the outdoors at El Descanso Island. The journey begins from the city of Buenos Aires to the fluvial terminal of Tigre port. Continue with the navigation of about 40 minutes to the island, where nature is the protagonist. There you will be amazed by the beautiful gardens between streams, bridges and canals, where landscaping and outdoor art come together. An ideal environment for a walk between the immense natural beauty and artwork. A day to relax, enjoy nature, gastronomy and art!

The traditional Argentinian Asado, is a ritual dining experience passed down through generations, originating in the Pampas of Argentina cooked by Gauchos. We invite you to live a complete Asado experience, in front of the fire, in a modern, cosmopolitan setting enjoying a wine pairing while you learn about this ritual that involves the knowledge of all cuts of meat that will be grilled and the asado method for the perfect cooking. Every gaucho has a special and personal knife, you’ll choose yours for dinner before learning how to make the chimichurri sauce, a very traditional topping, made from fresh herbs, vinegar, vegetables and spices to accompany the steaks and to take this flavour to your own barbecue.

Overnight at Madero Hotel (5-stars)


Transfer to the airport and flight to El Calafate. On arrival, meet and greet, transfer to your hotel. Enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.

Overnight at Xelena Hotel (5-stars)


The Perito Moreno Glacier rises majestically 80 km away from El Calafate. One of the largest and the only advancing glacier in the world, is the biggest attraction at Los Glaciares National Park, a 600,000-hectare protected area covered by an ice mantle. The Patagonian Andean forest invites you to discover the first breathtaking stop at “Curva de los Suspiros” (Curve of Sighs), where you’ll enjoy the first view of this incredible natural wonder. When approaching the glacier, walk down the catwalks to get near the Ice Giant and admire from different panoramic viewpoints the stunning creation of Mother Nature.

Crossing the fields of 25 de Mayo Ranch, by the shore of the immense Lake, there are Punta Walichu’s caves. This archeological site impresses for its hand paintings left by natives on the walls of the caves, it’s breathtaking to find a trace of the ancient inhabitants of this lands so deep in the Patagonia. The tribe ‘tehuelche’ left testimony of their community life in the hard cold Patagonia inside this cave, where you will enjoy the dinner, as they did, admiring the amazing view of the lake!

Overnight at Xelena Hotel (5-stars)


From La Soledad, at Bahía Tranquila, the navigation starts towards the northwest, crossing Punta Avellaneda and Boca del Diablo, the narrowest passage in the lake with almost 800 meters. After two hours of navigation, the series of ice floes, of the most varied colours and shapes, anticipates the proximity of Upsala glacier. If the weather conditions are good, you will observe the Upsala glacier at the distance.

Continue navigating Lago Argentino towards the South, taking the Canal Spegazzini in order to reach the glacier that bears the same name. The navigation allows you to get closer to the glacier, which has front walls between 80 and 135 meters (262 – 443 feet) above the lake level. Enjoy lunch surrounded by the stunning landscape of the glaciers and the blue icebergs. In the afternoon, the Crucero Leal will take you to Puesto de Las Vacas, a quiet bay in the Canal Spegazzini, for soft trekking coordinated by our team of guides. Back on board, you will return through Brazo Norte after spending a day discovering the beauty of the land of glaciers and the Andean forest.

Overnight at Xelena Hotel (5-stars)


Transfer to the airport and flight to Iguazu. On arrival, meet and greet, transfer to your hotel. Enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.

In the evening, enjoy an interactive dining experience in Puerto Iguazu. Local chefs will teach you about Argentinian cuisine and culture including our favourite hand gestures. A very special evening that begins with a contest: “make your own empanadas”, a real classic from the local cuisine. Then enjoy a typical Argentinian picada with grilled provoleta cheese with sliced chorizo sausage and pork flank steak, learn and enjoy unlimited Malbec wine, make your own alfajores (Argentina’s national sweet) and finally get to know the history of the mate, a beverage that is part of Argentinians life and tradition.

Overnight at Gran Meliá Iguazú (5-stars)


Iguazú National Park ”a total of 55,500 hectares” bears the name of the river serving as the northern border, which means “great waters” in the guaraní language. On different footbridges, we will visit the heart of the waterfalls, appreciating them from different angles. We will visit the lower circuit, and feel part of nature, refreshing ourselves with waterfall drizzle. On the upper circuit, we will stop at different viewpoints, and then reach the balcony at Garganta del Diablo (Devil´s Throat). No doubt, this is the most amazing of all falls: waterfalls down from 80 meters.

Once you arrive at La Lorenza, a spot deep in the forest, rich in flora and bird species you’ll instantly connect with nature. This little Misiones house, with its vegetable garden, is the perfect place to meet Moreno, a local farmer, who loves to introduce travellers to the mate word, the traditional Argentinian infusion. Then it’s time to walk in the forest to marvel with its immense biodiversity and capture the importance of its different medicinal herbs for the local life and the tribes that inhabited these lands. After the 2km walk, it’s time to take a break and rest on the private deck that looks over the magnificent Paraná River, enjoy drinks, cheese trays and stories about local legends.

Iguazú is a frontier city where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet and share more than the magnificent nature of this area. Culture, people and gastronomy get mixed creating a singular frontier identity that enriches the experiences travellers come across during their visits. But also every culture maintains its own distinctive rituals. We invite you to experience the delightful and exotic flavour of Brazilian cuisine just a drive away from Puerto Iguazú. A dinner where every ingredient and preparation presented tells a different tale about the history, the people and the soul of Brazil’s culture. Do you imagine the flavours of a 600-years ”Moqueca”? Get to know how this native Brazilian dish became the famous fish stew of nowadays, after all the influence of Portuguese and Africans. You will understand why ”Feijoada” is ”the” National Dish, but will be surprised how it became so!

Overnight at Gran Meliá Iguazú (5-stars)


Located on the west end of the Paraná river, the Iguazú Park is a huge tropical rainforest that has been declared a World Heritage Site: it is one of the largest forest reserves in South America. Countless flora and fauna species live in it. Take the elevator down to the base of the waterfalls and stop right above the river level. From a 1,000-meter footbridge, admire the majestic Iguazú Falls or go up an elevator to the Salto Floreano viewpoint.

After the Brazilian falls tour, transfer from the hotel to Puerto Iguazú Airport or Foz do Iguacu Airport for your onward journey.


This pre-designed itinerary can be booked as is or be completely customized to your tastes. You can change details like upgrading accommodation or adding extra nights and excursions to suit your budget, interests and needs.


  • Home and hosted dinner and cooking class in Buenos Aires
  • Highlights of Buenos Aires & Parrillas Tour
  • Wine Tasting at Aldo’s Restaurant
  • El Descanso Island with Lunch
  • Fogon Experience (Argentinian BBQ)
  • Dinner at Don Pichon Restaurant
  • Perito Moreno Glacier Tour
  • 4×4 Expedition & Dinner
  • Glaciers Gourmet Navigation
  • Dinner at Mako Fuegos
  • Interactive Argentina Dinner Experience
  • Argentinian Falls Tour with La Lorenza Mate Experience
  • Brazilian Falls Tour
  • Airport Transfers