These featured tours in Spain have been hand-picked by the experts at Sarracini Travel. Featuring experiences in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Andalusia and more!

Spain Express

4 Nights & 5 Days

Experience the enchanting cities of Andalusia and the shimmering beaches of Costa del Sol from Madrid! Discover the Alhambra Palace which looks out over Granada and soak up in Costa del Sol (Sunny Coast)!

Spanish Delights

6 Nights & 7 Days

Explore the treasures of Spain on a seven-day journey from Madrid! See the best of culturally rich Barcelona and vibrant Valencia including the heritages of Andalusia’s jewels, Granada, Cordoba and stunning Seville!

Splendid Spain

8 Nights & 9 Days

Indulge in Spain’s majestic art, architecture and culture in an exclusive nine-day guided tour from Madrid! Explore culturally rich Madrid and the legacies of Andalusia’s three jewels – Granada, Cordoba and Seville! Discover the impressive UNESCO imperial city of Toledo, a treasure trove of artworks and ancient fortifications. See Barcelona’s historic Gothic Quarter and visit Gaudí’s incredible masterpieces!

Spain & Morocco Discovery

11 Nights & 12 Days

Discover Andalusia and its three sparkling jewels – Seville, Cordoba, and Granada from Madrid on an unforgettable journey. From Southern Spain, travel to Morocco and witness its unique architecture, vivid colours and medinas. You’ll discover the mesmerizing treasures of Marrakesh, Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier and more!

Spain & Portugal Signature

12 Nights & 13 Days

Combine the best of Spain and Portugal! From Madrid, discover the ancient cities of Avila and Salamanca. Cross the Portuguese border and find yourself in the coastal city of Porto. Travel to Coimbra to see one of the oldest universities in Europe and then head to Fatima, a pilgrimage sanctuary, before heading for the picture-perfect capital of Portugal, Lisbon. Continue to Caceres, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and discover Andalusia and its three sparkling jewels – Seville, Cordoba, and Granada. Explore the metropolis city of Barcelona before heading back to Madrid!

Essential España & Bella Italia

15 Nights & 16 Days

Explore Spain and Italy’s most treasured cities on an exclusive tour through the ancient past and the present. Experience the charms of Rome, Tuscany and Venice through Italy. See the Vatican Museums, and the Sistine Chapel up close, walk through the Renascence city of Florence, taste magnificent wine in Tuscany, and more. Discover the world-famous Gaudi architecture in Barcelona, tour the mystical Alhambra in Granada, explore the UNESCO-listed old town of Cordoba, and much more!